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FIRST Tech Challenge #13017

EH - State Inspire Winner.jpg


We are a team of eight, dedicated students from the North shore area. Most of our team members live in the Hammond/Ponchatoula area; however, one team members lives in Loranger and another commutes 45 minutes to every meeting from Bush in Washington parish. We range in age from 12-17 years old. We are a community-based team and represent a wide range of educational backgrounds including local public schools, a local charter school, two parochial schools, a traditional Montessori schools and home school. Our team was established in 2017 with a grant from DOW. We were rookies during the 2017-2018 Relic Recovery season. In building on our successful rookie season, we set a goal for ourselves this season to research and develop a more complex robot and learn to use Onbot java successfully. We also wanted to expand on our outreach. After becoming certified in Autodesk inventor, Lauren also set a goal of using this new skill as much as possible in developing unique, functional pieces for this year's robot and to begin to show her teammates more complex ways to CAD different sketches. Christian set an individual goal for himself to develop a way to scout matches and track data. We recognize that we all possess our own individual strengths and talents and look for ways to collaborate and support eachother. We strive to learn as much as we can from others, while also trying out our ownideas and taking risks.

EH - two banners in two weeks
EH - robot shot at competition
EH - Livingston STEM Cafe
EH - fist bump with Arielle
EH - competition score
EH - competition intake shot
EH - competition hear no evil
EH - competition great shot with score
EH - competition game face
EH - competition dancing
EH - compeititon hopeful
EH - cat food drive
EH - 2019 team picture
EH - working on Cronus at competition
EH - Canaan working
Event Horizon - Inspire Award Winner
EH - State Celebration
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